Restaurant App

The ABION Restaurant App is a combined Facebook, Twitter, and BitLy social media web application specifically designed for Restaurants and Food Service. The Restaurant App can be added to your Facebook Profile. The Restaurant App extends the power of social media, and also enables advanced features that are not normally a part of a social media profile. The Restaurant App features a custom graphic design that is unique to your App and also has the following advanced features:

  • Allows your full menu with custom graphics to be inside your Facebook profile, allows you to customize your menu and add, edit, or remove menu items using the App Manager in real time.
  • Features a coupon generator that places a printable coupon on the main page of your Application. Also allows you to set the details of the coupon. The Manager App also allows you to save coupons to the App and enable or disable them with the click of a mouse.
  • When a new coupon is added to the App and the coupon is enabled, the Restaurant App automatically tweets an announcement of the coupon to the Restaurant's Twitter feed and also includes a Bitly link to a printable page for the coupon.
  • For restaurants that do catering or event hosting, the Restaurant App has an optional page where a person can enter the details of thier request such as number of expected diners, types of food wanted, and date/time/location of catering or event. When the user completes the web form, the information is stored in the application database, and is also emailed to you with the information the user has entered.
  • If your restaurant is not part of a national chain, there are no hosting fees for your Facebook menu!! Only setup fees will apply.

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